Couple Sue LEKMA Hospital: Allege substandard care but facility refutes claim.

The alleged negligent removal of the womb of a 30-year-old patient of the LEKMA Hospital, without her consent, has landed the medical facility in trouble.
The woman, now childless, was at the Teshie-based Municipal hospital to be delivered of her first baby, which came out successfully after a caesarean section.

But the victim, Ms Doris Oppong, who has sued the hospital, later complained of severe abdominal pains due to post-partum hemorrhage, for which she was rushed back to the theatre, where her uterus was removed, allegedly without her consent, making her barren for the rest of her life.

Ms Oppong and her husband, Thomas Addai, alleged in their suit at the Accra High Court that the healthy male infant she had been delivered of and who had been placed under the care of the medical officers of LEKMA was negligently and wrongly fed by a nurse, causing him to suffer from asphyxia neonatorum – a condition that affected his ability to take in oxygen, resulting in his death three days after he was born.

According to a writ of summons filed by Ms Oppong, the loss of her womb could have been avoided had the medical team at the LEKMA Hospital applied best practice of care.

It is her case that the doctors at LEKMA allegedly failed to inform her of the situation that necessitated the urgency of the second surgery and also failed to obtain consent from her or her family, in accordance with the Patients’ Charter of the Ghana Health Service, neither did they do so after the procedure.

Response of LEKMA


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