Bibi Bright accuses NDC of destroying her car

Actress and NPP sympathiser Bibi Bright has pointed accusing finger at some fans of the opposition party the NDC for destroying her car.

According to the actress, she is saying the people are NDC because she saw them putting on an NDC T-shirt before they carried out the act.

Narrating the incident, she revealed that she had earlier seen the two guys who even called and waved to which she happily waved back at them.

She went on to state that few minutes after leaving her car, she was called back and told that the guys she had waved earlier had returned and broke her car glass.

Sharing a photo of the damage, she added this caption; “

“I am Ghanaian before anything, there is nothing wrong if I endorse a political party. This is wrong!
Packing my car, 2 boys in ndc tshirt shouted my name and waved, I waved back at them. I was called a few mins later that boys that waved at me when I packed just broke my back glass window and run away.
I don’t even know how to feel about this.”

See photo below:

Bibi Bright

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