Afia Schwar, Mona Gucci Dirty Each Other As Mona Spill Secrets About Afia’s House And More

Ghanaian actress and self acclaimed Queen of comedy Afia Schwarzenegger has been caught up in a drama with TV presenter Mona Gucci.

From what we gathered on their social media platforms, Mona Gucci accused Afia Schwarzenegger of pretending to be rich on her Instagram page when she is broke in real life.

Afia in return hurled insults at Mona Gucci for being a fraud pretending to be a lawyer. Afia Schwarzenegger further disclosed how Mona Gucci allegedly duped people of huge sums of money under the guise of helping them travel abroad.

It is unclear what started the who banter between the two former friends but it is clear Afia Schwarzenegger could have ignited the fight. This is because she has had a lot of falling out from most of her friends in the entertainment industry

One of Mona Gucci’s post on Instagram reads: “in June 2019 I gave u ur daily bread by paying u 1500ghs to MC my awards show for me…I am boss n CEO…MARWUS ENTERTAINMENT USA…VALENTINA AFIA AGYEIWAA MY NAME IS MONAGUCCI READ MY LIPS I HAVE FED U BEFORE 🤣🤣🤣UPON UR 4 AUDIO HOUSES AND CARS…If u were as rich as u claim like u won’t work for me…sister…just wait for me I will give uall the attention u need… wati… @me_wo_nkwasiafuor_ho_time_paa pls remind her for me….AM TOO BITTER TO CHEW OOOOO @queenafiaschwarzeneggerFOR INSULTING MY BOSSES NAME… u used ur pig 🐷 ugly drooling mouth to mention my fine boss name? Am coming for u wait for me…..kakraaaa let me urinate n come (In Akua Donkors voice)”.

Afia who clearly couldn’t allow herself to be crucified by Mona Gucci also replied with another post: “Abigail Mona Se_whatever…go and settle your fraud case at Tesano Police Station.
What happened to the money you took for miss USA ..fraudster kwasia biaaa na wo te tv so gyimii..
Aboa homeless American citizen..be4 you talk about my marriage kindly tell us what happened to yours..aboa gala for &40 each..junky
Apart from Kantanka,which serious Tv station will employ a self acclaimed international prostitue??we still have your interview with Neat Fm kwasiaba
Once in a while get up so they will see your Johnny Bravo shape..ofui”.

Is it that Afia Schwarzenegger finds it hard working with people or she just has an attitude problem? Well, who are we to judge especially since we neither feed not take care of her needs.

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